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Kellogg’s Chocos released cutting edge animated commercial
Posted on July 25, 2012 at 05:54 pm IST
The TVC was animated by E Suresh of award- winning animation house, Eeksaurus.
Kellogg’s Chocos, the popular breakfast cereal for kids recently released animated ‘Chocolaty Fun’ commercial to capture the attention of today’s game-agers. Kids today are glued to gaming and gadgets have become their friends. With this insight, Kellogg’s Chocos has launched this exciting campaign that seamlessly transitions the kid in the campaign from the real to the imaginary world of a video game.

Built around the world of gaming, the new Chocos TVC includes real life acting and cutting edge 3D animation. In the TVC, a young boy sees himself in a video gaming mode and accompanies Coco the monkey as they go through various hurdles to collect Chocos and milk. After successfully completing the level, they are thrilled to see the chocolaty swirl of Chocos and milk in the bowl.

Going one step further to build the consumer-brand interaction, the TVC is being brought to life as an actual game that’s available on mobile and desktop platforms. There are other exciting ways that this will be brought to life in the days after the TVC breaks.

Vice President & Executive Creative Director, JWT, Mumbai, Nandita Chalam says, “The chocolaty taste of Kellogg’s Chocos transports a child into a world of fantasy. The new Chocos television commercial takes children into their current favourite world of fantasy - the world of gaming. The mission of the exciting game, full of thrilling obstacles and cool gadgets, is to collect Chocos and milk. But what happens when Coco and our protagonist collect enough Chocos and milk? You will have to watch the commercial to find out!

The TVC, scripted by young JWT copywriter, Anshuman Bhattacharya, has been animated by E Suresh of award- winning animation house, Eeksaurus.”
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