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Trunk mixes stop motion and VFX for Land Rover's Facebook spot
Posted on May 25, 2013 at 12:40 am IST
Trunk Animation has created a ‘thank-you’ film that celebrates Land Rover USA reaching
1 million fans on Facebook.
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Over recent months Land Rover USA has been engaging their Facebook fans and asking them to submit photos of their lives with their Land Rovers. These were used as the basis for the storyline created by the guys at Trunk in close collaboration with Wunderman’s creative team. The film charts a journey from New York to the Grand Canyon through iconic American landscapes including the Florida Keys, the Great Lakes, the Grand Prairies, the High Rockies and Monument Valley.

The film by directors Alasdair + Jock uses a wide variety of techniques including stop motion, pixillation, CG and digital montage to pull together all the fans’ photos. The entire film, which has been collaged together from hundreds of photos, has the feel of a rostrum shot multi-plane, but as everyone’s shooting digital, without too many actual printed photos. Set pieces in the film include vast landscapes collaged together from multiple fans holiday snaps, and the fans' pet photos changing in the key ring, including not only loads of dogs, but a parrot on a steering wheel as well.

All the stop motion and pixilation sequences for the short were shot in London, whilst the stills of the actual vehicles were shot in New York. As Trunk found out, the US models are subtly different from the UK one’s which meant a lot of magic comping from Al and the team at Trunk’s studio. Notable comping successes are definitely the gloved hand changing gear, and the muddied boot pumping the ‘gas’.

Wunderman also organised a stills shoot of the new Land Rover range, which was used to texture map and inform the CG elements in the film.

And although a plethora of software - including After Effects, Cinema 4D, Dragonframe Stop Motion, Photoshop and Lightroom - was used, Alasdair says his favourite bit was watching Jock creating the muddy boot for the pixilation shoot that involved a large pot of Nutella, a handful of straw and some loose tobacco.

Trunk Animation's producer Richard Barnett says that an aspect of the job that excited the team at Trunk was the development of the entire concept and execution of the film based around the fans submissions.

"The interaction of Land Rover’s Facebook fans not only drove major elements of the creative process, but will also provide the audience for the film," he says. "I think that this cyclical arrangement, although often fraught with difficulties, will certainly lead to many more collaborative projects between clients, agencies, production companies, and most importantly audiences."
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