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Making of Thums Up TVC
Posted on March 24, 2013 at 09:34 am IST
The high-adrenalin TVC has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett.
Thums Up, India’s largest soft drinks brand, has just kicked off a ‘Toofani’ start to the year with a spectacular new campaign featuring superstar Salman Khan. An extension of the ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartey Hain’ call to action, the new campaign once again urges consumers to push the boundaries, to pave their own path and to unleash their potential. The high-adrenalin TVC has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett.

The action-filled campaign shows Salman Khan adding his unique style quotient as he takes a ‘toofani’ route to get his Thums Up, turning a mundane situation of a store running out of his favourite Thums Up into an exciting tale of adventure and thrill. Salman inspires gut and gumption by taking complete control of the situation to get what he needs, undertaking a series of ‘toofani’ acts to get his Thums Up.

Action star and southern superstar Mahesh Babu features in the south version of the thrilling campaign.

Through it all, the inherent message is that the ‘Toofan’ is within everyone, and it is but a matter unleashing it to do something ‘toofani’.

As part of the launch of the campaign, Thums Up previewed the TVC to Salman’s fan base of more 10 million (7.7 million Facebook fans + 3.45 million Twitter followers) people on Friday, February 23, before the TVC hit mass media yesterday. This is the first time in the history of the brand since its launch in 1977, that it previewed its main thrust summer campaign on digital media before the campaign hit mass media. Thums Up has a robust digital plan to leverage the campaign. This includes digital and social media platforms for targeted genres: social, video on demand (VOD), search, travel, games, reach portals and mobile.
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