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McDowell's released animated commercial for 'BossPatrol'
Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 11:10 am IST
The TVC highlight the feature of an app - BossPatrol - which lets you save your friends from trouble
McDowell's No. 1 is one of India's oldest whiskey brands and the country's largest. The task was to make McDowell's No.1's long-running campaign 'The Spirit of Friendship' relevant to younger audiences. Everyone likes to take a break at work every now and then with YouTube videos, online games, Facebook, blogs, etc. But what does one do when the Boss walks past your computer and catches you in the act? You may not see your boss coming, but your friends just might.

Hence, DDB Mudra's team came up with a downloadable app - BossPatrol - which lets you save your friends from trouble. It lets you choose a secret phrase like 'What's the time?' and then add your colleagues to the group. If you spot your boss nearby while your friends are slacking off, all you need to do is speak out the secret phrase. BossPatrol picks up the sound through the microphone, sends a signal to your friends' computers and instantly opens safe windows on all their computers (eg, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.!), just in time and your boss will never get to know what they were up to.

To download the app:
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