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Lifebuoy introduce 'Hulk' in its  TV commercial
Posted on Dec 12, 2012 at 11:41 am IST
The TVC was shot in RK Studios, Mumbai. It took three days to build the set and two days for the final shoot.
Lifebuoy has rolled out a new 'colour changing' handwash that turns green within 10 seconds to signal all the germs have been killed.

To demonstrate that, Lowe Lintas has created by 30-seconder which shows a child playing with a Hulk toy. He tries to eat something with his bare hands next, when his mother stops him and asks him to wash his hands first, saying that they are dirty. The boy uses the new colour changing handwash from Lifebuoy and is dazzled as the lather changes to green. He imagines himself turning into a Hulk battling all the germs and defeating them in 10 seconds. A doctor appears next informing that the handwash's foam turns green in ten seconds indicative of the fact that all the germs have been killed.

Ateet Shroff, group creative director, Lowe Lintas, said, "The unique thing about the brief was the product itself and it required an unusual treatment therefore. A product that changes colour as it lathers up probably doesn't even exist in any other country. So, our aim was to use this as a signal to show mothers that germs are being killed."

Shroff explained the rationale behind using Hulk as a plot for the film. He said, "We wanted to latch onto kids' imagination. Our research suggested that Hulk was the most popular superhero among kids. And it was almost obvious to use him because he turns green when he gets angry and turns all powerful thereafter."

He also mentioned that the entire idea took about a year and a half to materialise. Shroff didn't anticipate that Hulk's character would become immensely popular post the release of the movie Avengers; that worked well in their favour too.

The campaign will be extended to print, outdoor and point of sale as well.

Unplugged moments

Shroff revealed that the director duo was well versed with 3D animation and every time he would be dissatisfied with an expression of the character, they would assure him that they will try some mix and match during post-production but make sure that he likes the end product.

Roopak Saluja, founder and managing director, Bang Bang Films, said, "It's always a pleasure working with Alex and Steffen; and all the more so on a challenging multi-market production with demanding VFX.  The fact that they're both directors and visual effects artists is what creates the magic of a film like Hulk."

The TVC was shot in RK Studios, Mumbai. It took three days to build the set and two days for the final shoot. Post-production took over a month. A month prior to releasing the campaign, the agency rolled out a teaser film to introduce a connect between Hulk and Lifebuoy.
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