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Behind the Scenes "Toyota Dominoes" by Imaginary Forces
Posted on Nov 13, 2014 at 11:41 pm IST
Stunning video released by Toyota  looks like a traditional tumbling domino video, but look closely to see visualisation of Toyota’s leadership in environmental technology.
Toyota has recently released a new commercial called Dominoes. Most of the shots in this genre show intricate shapes of dominoes tumbling into each other in sequence, highlighting the common phrase of domino effect  where one thing leads to another.

In this commercial, Toyota turns this concept on its head and shows intricate shapes of rising up dominoes . The line of fallen dominoes begins with a Prius hybrid, then the dominoes stand up, 1 by 1, on through a domino landscape to a Prius Plug-in.
TOYOTA Dominoes TVC Behind the Scene
Director/Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty
Art Director: Tosh Kodama
Previs Technical Director: Ryan Summers
VFX Supervisor: Rod Basham
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
Producers: Brian Butcher, Keith Bryant, JJ Gerber
Designers: Rob Bolick, Maziar Majd, Kris Fortin, Cody Redmer
Animators: Nathan Boldman, Thomas McMahan, Eric Demeusy, Troy Barsness, Ryan Summers, Eric Zunkley, Hao Cui, Cody Redmer, Maziar Majd
Lighting/Texturings: Mikey Rogers, Glenn Suhy, Troy Barsness
3D Trackers: Shelby Stong, Eugene Paluso, Filaments VFX
Compositors: Thomas McMahan, Sam Cividanis, Patrick Longstreth, Troy Barsness
Modeler: DeAndre Moore
Editors: Justine Gerenstein, Keith Roberts
Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
Flame Artist: Rod Basham
Storyboard Artist: Bernard Custodio
Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo
Color Correction: Incendio, LLC
BTS Photographers: Wes Yang, Ryan Speers
Live Action Producer: Gunnar Clancy
Live Action Art Director: Dave Corey
Live Action Production Supervisor: Silke Thompson
Live Action Production Coordinator: Megan Pfaffenroth
Live Action DP: Stacy Toyama
Live Action 1st AD: Andy Morris
Live Action 1st AC: Dennis Lynch
Live Action 2nd AC: Jay Hardie
Live Action DIT: Nathan Pena
Live Action Motion Control OP: Simon Wakley
Live Action Motion Control Tech: Chris Toth
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