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Mirada Studios Creates Magical Holiday TVC for Lexus and Team One
Posted on Dec 04, 2014 at 05:40 pm IST
Behind the Scenes of Lexus TVC
Lexus and Team One partnered Tie-up Mirada to create a trilogy of holiday “tall tales” Commercial

Each campaign shares an imaginative story that draws back the curtain on Santa’s gift-giving magic unlocking the secret of how he delivers Lexus vehicles to the driveways of three different families on Christmas morning.
“Christmas Train” Commercial
To create the 3 Lexus-inspired spins on the magic of the season, Mirada infused each commercial with a rich cinematic scale. In every, Mirada’s artists worked to strike a balance between epic blockbuster visual effects & the tone of a modern-day fable. “Story in each commercial had to work on 2 levels,” explained Creative Director Jonathan Wu. “You had these incredible worlds of ‘tall tale’ magical realism in the 1st half. Then, in the 2nd, you move to a more grounded reality with the beautiful cars in the driveways, and the warmth of the family interactions around it &we wanted each half to elevate the other.”
“Teleporter" Commercial
“Magic Box" Commercial
Christmas Train,” opens on a train winding through snow-capped mountains to deliver a new Lexus IS F-SPORT sedan spot. Aside from the live-action elves that guide the vehicle to its new home, Creative team at Mirada designed, crafted & animated every element in Computer Graphic from the storybook landscape, to the iconic red train. Detail in the spot was key to capturing impressive story scale. “There was no room for shortcuts,”  Zach Tucker VFX Supervisor, “We built in as much depth as possible creating a snowy Computer Graphic forest mountain landscape reaching as far as the eye could see,  building the actual town, surrounding neighborhood, and adjacent streets the train weaves through. Viewer don’t necessarily catch it all on a first look, but texturally it adds up to something that feels idealized while still looking photo real.”
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“Magic Box,” Santa himself place a tiny gift box on a way. Then, the box opens magically transforming to a full sized Lexus ES sedan. As in “Christmas Train,” Computer graphic artists built the environment for the spot, along with the magical centerpiece from scratch. Michael Shelton CG Supervisor  for the spot describes the process: “We knew we actually had to end on a beautiful Lexus ES. The real challenge was working backward from that; our design and animation used real CAD data, but the steps to get us there needed to feel like a well-crafted watch. We wanted every component to be faithful to the real vehicle as it clicked into place  only falling back on the ‘magic’ in how quick things happen.”
“Teleporter,” the 3rd spot, we witness a Lexus RX luxury crossover navigating a night-time forest, through a magical teleportation machine  and right onto a family’s drive-way. As in the other spot, Mirada artists designed the world and all its signature elements from the ground to up. It included everything from the entire winter wonderland from scratch, to the incredible teleporter, and even the exterior of the house behind the Lexus RX in the drive-way. In creating the fantastical-yet-believable teleporter, the design team worked to give it a realistic, sculptural form carved from ice - then FX animators adding a pulsing energy effect to give it life, making it appear magically lit from within. Likewise, to give the environment a vivid storybook feel, the team photographed live-action plates of animals on set, and then composited them into the picturesque landscape in post to ensure the Lexus RX really felt connected to the scene.
Original plate. Wire frame.
Wire frame. Final Shot