The Walking Dead VFX Breakdown

Goodbye Kansas Studios, one of the VFX teams behind AMC’s The Walking Dead, uploaded a unique look at the process of populating a world overrun by the cannibalistic undead.

The video takes viewers behind the scenes of The Walking Dead’s season 8 & 9 premiere — also the series’ landmark 100th episode — showing Negan’s Sanctuary under siege by a horde of walkers.

Though special effects and makeup guru Greg Nicotero and team come up with a slew of gory practical effects for the zombie series, slathering extras in make up, prosthetics, and blood, computer effects often help supplement walker crowds — especially when the like-minded biters form into massive hordes comprised of hundreds of walkers.

The Walking Dead 8×01 saw an alliance between Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom launch a surprise attack on the Sanctuary, annihilating the Sanctuary’s many windows and unleashing the zombie mob on the Saviors’ home base. The video offers a shot-by-shot VFX breakdown, showing off just how much work goes into even the briefest of moments captured by the camera.

The first half of The Walking Dead’s action-packed season 8 wrapped up Sunday with a shocking revelation made by one of the series’ longest survivors. The actor confirmed their character will be killed off and the stories of their comic book counterpart will be given to other characters.




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