“The Brave Heart” Animated Short Film

“The Brave Heart” or (The day we enabled the sleepwalking protocol) is Animated short film directed by Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli. Short film is a ridiculously immaginative comedy about a heart who takes a wild journey inside the body to try to sort out the problems of a hungover morning. 


Directed, Designed and Animated by Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli
production by Luca&Sinem
story by Luca Schenato
art direction by Luca Schenato
animation by Sinem Vardarli, Luca Schenato
sound by Suat Onur Ayas
music by Mert Tunay, Haendel, Bach, Terry Devine King (audionetwork)
voice by C. Gunyol Bakoglu
sound edit by Okan Isik, Justin Stark

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