Swamp Thing Trailer

DC Entertainment has officially released Trailer for Live Action Swamp Thing TV series. TV Series is being develop for streaming service. series, will release on May 31 2019.

Swamp Thing was created in 1971 by the late, great team of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. He began as a scientist named Alec Holland who was doused in chemicals and dove into the swamp to escape his fiery death, only to bond with the vegetation and become a massive plant monster with a sad song in his heart. In the 1980s, the title was brought back and eventually became the feeding ground for Alan Moore’s bananas writing, which revealed Swamp Thing is actually an elemental who merely absorbed the memories of Holland upon his death, meaning he’s a plant monster with the memories of a man. The series took a turn to the mystical, and even the cosmic, thereafter.

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