Solo: A Star Wars Story VFX Breakdown

Solo: A Star Wars Story,  is  film  from the Star Wars franchise.  ILM, Hybride Technologies, Raynault, Virtous, Tippett, Jellyfish, Yannix, Exceptional Minds & Lola Visual Effects worked on the Visual Effects for the movie. The Third Floor provided some previs. Ncam and Nvizage provided virtual production systems.  Blind worked on computer graphics design and animation.

Hybride worked on 413 shots for the movie including CG environments for scenes that took place in the mine and Kessel landing pad, 3D CG backgrounds and massive set extensions for the Space Port, where Han Solo gets his name, set extensions for the Falcon scene that takes place in a junkyard, where Han sees the Millennium Falcon for the first time, The Pen Sequence where Han Solo and Chewbacca meet for the first time.

Rob Bredow lead as the visual effects supervisor and co-producer on “Solo: A Star Wars Story. A creative team of 1200 artist at ILM’s four studios worked on more than 1800 shots for the show. Bredow joined ILM as a visual effects supervisor in 2014, and soon afterward was named VP of new media and head of Lucasfilm’s Advanced Development Group

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