Ready Player One VFX Breakdown

Digital Domain, ILM & Territory Studio worked on Animation & VFX for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. ILM did everything inside the Oasis and Digital Domain did the motion capture and the visual effects in the real world.

ILM worked on about 900 shots for the movie. Roger Guyett was overall VFX Supervisor for the show. Grady Cofer, VFX Supervisor at ILM lead his team to finish around 90 minutes of work.The team worked with animation supervisor David Shirk, virtual production concept design supervisor Alex Jaeger and others, to evolve every aspect of the virtual characters, from their appearance and movement style to hairstyles, costumes, and the unique digital textures that are visible on the characters’ skin.

Territory Studio delivered over 265 VFX shots over 80 unique assets including rich graphic elements to support director Steven Spielberg’s vision for the real and virtual worlds of Ready Player One. The team touched the majority of sequences in the film that feature interactive UI on monitors, visors, HUDs and 3D environmental signage.

Digital Domain worked on around 300 VFX shots outside the Oasis. Matthew Butler lead as VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain. In addition, Scott Meadows, Head of Visualization at DD was the previsualization supervisor on the whole film and Gary Roberts handled the motion capture.

Concept Art by Valentin Petrov

Art Director:  Stephen Tappin

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