Peter Rabbit: Behind the Scenes

Peter Rabbit is Live Action/Animated Film Animal Logic &  Sony Pictures Animation & Rising Sun Pictures crafted Multiple CG Characters with intensive visual effects.

Rising Sun Pictures was an integral part of the film’s visual effects and animation team, contributing more than 150 shots to the kid-friendly fun. The work of studio’s character animators is especially noteworthy as they were charged with bringing key members of the film’s supporting cast to life: a rooster who shocks the barnyard with his over-the-top morning crows, and a quartet of singing sparrows.


Peter Rabbit Character Pregress

Flopsy, Mopsy, Peter (James Corden), Benjamin and Cottontail in Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT.

Sketch from Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT.

Occasionally performers in blue suits helped during filming to stand-in for animals.


A rabbit stuffie with realistic fur was utilized on set


Various aids were used during filming to stand-in for the cg characters.


Peter Rabbit: Characters Featurette


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