Pacific Rim Uprising VFX

Pacific Rim Uprising is an upcoming release of Legendary. The Film is a Sequel of Pacific Rim which was released 2013. Atomic Fiction, Double Negative & ILM working on Visual effects. Double Negative created multiple Kaiju creatures for Pacific Rim Uprising. To creating this monster DNEG team required heavy detail of anatomical to produce.An Alien race, the Kaiju anatomy was designed from a variety of structures – bone, muscle, fascia, skin, sub-dermal plates and bony spikes – all arranged to create a formidable array of organic weaponry.   Pete Bebb is VFX Supervisor & Matthew Plummer was VFX Producer. Peter Chiang was overall VFX Supervisor for the Movie at DNEG. The movie will release on 23rd March 2018.

Behind the Scenes Pacific Rim Uprising VFX

Pacific Rim VFX Breakdown

Pacific Rim was released on 2013.  ILM, Base FX, Rodeo FX, Hybride, Ghost VFX, Virtous, 32Ten Studios, Mirada, Legacy Effects, Mr. X worked on VFX for this movie.









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