“Otto” Animated Short Film

Otto is the third film by Dutch animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke. Their previous film A Single Life was nominated for an Academy Award in 2015.

A woman who can’t have children steals Otto, the imaginary friend of a little girl. When the girl comes to claim back her imaginary friend, it’s the power of imagination that brings everyone together.



Directed by: animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke
Screenplay by: Job, Joris & Marieke
Animation by: Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw, Rik Schutte
Modelling: Job Roggeveen, Eric Smilde
Production Company: Job, Joris & Marieke
Music and sounddesign: Job, Joris & Marieke
Musicians: Job Roggeveen, Ben Mathot, Frank Wienk, Maarten Vos
Recorded by: Martin Beusker, Job Roggeveen
Music mixed by: Martijn Groeneveld, Mailmen
Cinema and stereo mix: Bob Kommer Studios
Voice little girl: Aagje Oprins
Production NTR: Astrid Prickaerts, Manrieke Klarus
Editor NTR: Marina Blok
Financial support: Nederland Filmfonds, NTR, CoBo, Mediafonds


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