Netflix’s Mute VFX

Netflix’s Mute is movie directed by Duncan Jones. Duncan Jones earlier directed 2016’s Warcraft, 2011’s Source Code, 2009 movie Moon. Mute movie seems common with Source code a thriller movie. Mute was released on Netflix on 23rd February 2018. Cinesite, Atomic Arts & Senate Visual Effects worked on Visual Effects  & Post Computer Graphics done by Blind Ltd for the movie.

The Senate Visual Effects has delivered 249 shots including CG Environments, Matte Paintings, CG Cars, Flying Objects, CG Robotic Dancer, Invisible FX & Fixes. VFX Supervisor Marty Waters at The Senate oversaw from start of the shoot and led Senate team through post, working closely with Director Jones to help create his vision of a futuristic Berlin. Paula Pope was Visual Effects Effects Producer & Sarah Hemsley was Visual Effects Executive Producer.



Cinesite delivered approximately 100 shots for the futuristic feature. VFX Supervisor Salvador Zalvidea lead his team at Cinesite for  this spiritual sequel. Lara Lom was Visual Effects Effects Producer & Caroline Garrett was Visual Effects Executive Producer.


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Brooke Lyndon-Standford & Justin Cornish was VFX Supervisor at Atomic Arts. Carla Diamond was Visual Effects Effects Producer & Clwyd Edwards was Visual Effects Executive Producer.

Andrew Booth at Blind Ltd was Computer graphic Supervisor & Helen Baker was Computer Graphic Producer for the movie at Blind Ltd.

Matte painting & concept art by Paul chadeisson at Senate Visual Effects


Post Computer Graphics by Blind



Netflix’s Mute Trailer

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