Netflix’s Lost in Space VFX

“Lost in Space” is latest TV series of Netflix. Image Engine Design , FuseFX, Cinesite, Mackevision, Important Looking Pirates worked on Visual Effects for the series. There are 10 episodes in this series. Creative team at Image Engine created CG droids and robots in this series, in addition they have also worked on Visual Effects Environment for Forest. Image Engine Design delivered 266 shots for this series. Joao Sita VFX Supervisor at Image Engine, lead his team for this series. In the First episode of the series having some of the hardest animation work for Image Engine. They did 87 shots in this one episode alone. The entire forest was created by Image Engine team.

Some of the shots in the series were completely CG. Image Engine Used Arnold for rendering & Gaffer for LookDev. All the texturing were done in Mari.


 Lost in Space VFX by Image Engine


 Lost in Space VFX

Lost in Space VFX


VFX by FuseFX


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