Miniature Birds Made Of Paper

Vaishali &  Nayan are paper cut artists based in India. They have created amazing Miniature Birds Made Of Paper. The concept of this miniatures is to express the intricacy & vibrance of the birds around us.

All the artworks are entirely hand cut and hand painted and are made without using any kind of magnifying tools. Each layer is precisely hand-cut on paper and painted to the exact shade of the bird after which it is assembled to get the final look. Every single artwork takes from 4-8 hours to complete depending on the details of feathers & colors. Some of the tiniest paper birds measure only 1.8 CM in height (from head to tail).

Blue Jay




Great Hornbill


Griffon Vulture


Greater Flamingo


Hummingbird (Violet-Crowned Woodnymph)


Great Cormorant


Bald Eagle


Blue-Footed Booby


Green Bee-Eater


Eurasian Magpie


White Dove


House Sparrow




Indian Roller






Baya Weaver




Mute Swan


The King Of Saxony Bird Of Paradise


American White Ibis


Common Raven


Northern Red Cardinal


Black-Necked Stilt


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