Men in Black: International VFX breakdown

DNEG, Method Studios, Rodeo FX, Imageworks VFX worked on VFX for the movie.

As the lead VFX vendor on ‘Men in Black: International’, DNEG was responsible for key sequences in Act 1 and Act 2 as well as multiple sequences in the MIB London HQ. This was truly a global show, managed from DNEG Vancouver and with work split with Montréal, London, and Mumbai. DNEG delivered 581 VFX shots, showcasing a broad range of disciplines, from the development of complex FX Simulations to the creation and animation of hero Creatures.

Men in Black: International VFX breakdown by Method Studios (Below)

Sony Pictures Imageworks, lead by VFX Supervisor Chris Waegner deliver 400+ CG shots. One of the highlights of this work was bringing to life the new character “Pawny”, who teams up with the MIB agents. Imageworks launched into modelling Pawny after consulting production concept art. To bring the character to life, the team delved deep into Pawny’s backstory, coming up with the idea that he’s an intergalactic assassin and weapons designer. Though this backstory is never seen on screen, it helps the animators to establish a frame of reference and a more believable character.