Klip VR Immersive Technologies, New Delhi is Hiring

Klip VR experiences are dedicated to bringing an experience that is unforgettable and develops the art of imagination in a learner. Klip VR is India’s premier fully Integrated Virtual Reality Learning System, that compliments and empowers the existing educational practices.

Klip VR is powered by sophisticated technology and content covering various global perspectives catering to 21stcentury Educators & Learner.

Position 1: Unreal Engine Technical Lead – Min. Exp 5 years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Provide solutions to production problems and determine out-of-the-box solutions for complex technical requirements.
  • Ensure that the high-quality established in the virtual reality experience is maintained and the levels run at defined frame rates.
  • Apply a broad range of skills with modeling, PBR materials, animation, and special effects to create dynamic level elements.
  • Quality checks the models and textures integration into the UE.
  • You should set strict QC measures to develop the highest standard assets development pipeline for real-time VR/Gaming projects.
  • Review creative process and identify opportunities for 3D product/tool improvements.
  • Create better tools for 3D development.
  • Simplify UE asset development and 3D Assets/Environment/Animation integration pipeline.
  • Main – You are a Pro in Unreal Engine.

Position 2: Unreal Engine VR Programmer – Min. Exp 5 years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Implement engaging tools for VR experiences based on supervisor direction.
  • Research and development of innovative XR experiences using Oculus, HTC, PlayStation hardware.
  • Take your ideas from design, through prototyping, to production
  • Write clean, well-documented, testable code
  • Test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize your code
  • Work closely with our team of artists to turn your tools into wonderful user experiences

Position 3: Unreal Engine Environment Artist – Min. Exp. 3 Years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Model environments based on concepts, 3D mock-ups, and art direction specifications
  • Model and texture key level landmarks and props in high-poly
  • Modeling both organic and hard surfaces
  • Be able to switch between realistic and stylized
  • Help define material and light properties for environment shaders
  • Contribute to the optimization of both data and workflow
  • Keen eye on detail and realism
  • A strong sense for composition, color, and light.

Position 4: 3D Game Asset Artist – Min. Exp 3 years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Create realistic 3D models and textures, including architecture, organic objects, and props under the artistic direction, production deadlines, and technical specifications.
  • Sculpt/model UV & texture and integrate both high & low polygon meshes in a PBR pipeline.
  • Must have good knowledge of primary 3D software like: Zbrush, 3ds Max, Maya, S.Painter, etc.
  • Verify the quality of objects in the game engine, and make improvements to fit technical constraints, and maintain the frame rate.

Position 5: 3D Real-Time Game Animator – Min. Exp 3 years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Must understand and learn video game animation trends, techniques, and statistics.
  • Deliver high-quality animations fitting within the constraints of the game engine and in respect of the schedule and the priorities established by the company.
  • Designing and producing top-quality animations that meet our company’s VR experience standards.
  • Collaborating with programmers and developers to ensure that all design briefs are adhered to.
  • Using computer software and hardware systems to create interactive animations and special effects.
  • Outlining long-term objectives for special projects that exceed standard VR interactive production time.

Position 6: Unreal Engine Lighting Artist – Min. Exp 3 years

Experience & Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute plans for lighting VR environments in UE4.
  • Create realism within real-time VR environments.
  • Work with the art director to develop innovative and experimental lighting systems.
  • Master knowledge of Baked Lighting.
  • Interpret art direction and follow directions provided correctly and efficiently to ensure you attain the visual goals of the project.
  • Provide technical art support for assets created that go into UE4, performing scene development, shaders optimization and finishing tasks in the engine.
  • Provide additional support for the creation of lighting setups, shaders and materials in UE4.
  • Utilize strong skills in problem-solving, attention to detail, and delivering final quality.

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Job Location: Delhi

All positions are for work from office.

Note: Candidates can mail their CV with their demo link to career@klipvr.com
Contact Number – M: 991005 6484, T: +91 11 4772 4400  Ext.: 28