The Jungle Book : Naturalistic Effects VFX Breakdown

The Jungle Book : Naturalistic Effects VFX Breakdown. Disney’s The Jungle Book Movie run around its Central Character Mowgli. MPC & Weta Digital Worked on Visual Effects for the movie. In movie  about 54 types of animal created by CG along side  Jungle environments,  simulating earth, fire and water created by MPC.

The most famous characters Baloo, Mowgli, Bagheera, Kaa, Shere Khan created through CG. Also 224 Unique animals created in CG.

The Jungle Book : Naturalistic Effects

The Jungle Book VFX by Weta Digital

In addition to King Louie – a photo-real giant orang-utan with a buoyant personality, Weta Digital’s work featured the character animation and crowd simulation of Louie’s tribe of monkey minions, and the destruction of the monkey temple and its surrounding jungle environment in the dramatic ‘Mowgli Rescue’ sequence.

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