Intel Studios started 3D Content Creation Service

Intel Studios Partners with Paramount for 3D Content Creation. Intel recently completed the construction for Intel Studios a 25,000 SQ foot in Los Angles near by LAX Airport. The New facility is dome-shaped having 10,000 SQ Foot Video Capture Stage. It is the world’s largest video capture facility which is outfitted with 100 cameras t capture actors and objects in 3D production content for VR & AR application.

Intel Studios
The machine room at Intel Studios houses Intel-powered servers and is the central compute location for rendering, storage content management and network operations. Intel Studios features 10 petabytes of onsite storage. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel Studio’s Director Diego Prilusky said It tooks 18 months to complete the designing & building the space. It was a long process which took research & development.

It is a complete production facility which can handle capturization of all raw videos with studios’s many cameras.  The capture data travels through 5 miles of fibre cables to be handled by an army of Intel power servers @ 6 terabytes a minutes. The Intel Studio is Natural extension with volumetic technology

Director Diego Prilusky  having background for Visual Effects for movies like “Gravity,” “War Horse” and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time excited about what the technology .

Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO  officially unveiled Intel Studios during the company’s CES keynote Monday evening by showing the following video:

 As a part of promotion Intel filmed the scene for Intel Studios, a collaborative lab whose purpose is to inspire future artist.

Intel Studios partners with Paramount to follow his next step & explore the cinematic applications of its large volume video technology. Intel will create the content which can be access by end users from phones to big screens & VR.  The studio is also partners for 2018 Winter Olympics in south Korea for 19 Olympic sports across 30 events, to bring the home viewer closer to the action. The company has also setup cameras in various sports stadiums across U.S. and Europe through partnerships ranging from the NBA and NCAA to the Spanish soccer league LaLiga.


One of the volumetric videos shot and produced at Intel Studios.

Technology that Transforms the Entertainment Industry

RealSense Volumetric Content Capture: Intel® RealSense™ technology will showcase a real-time volumetric content capture experience that can record short clips of attendees in 3D, creating a digital avatar that can be shared and transported into films.

Artificial Intelligence: In partnership with Sundance Film Festival, Intel will showcase the power of artificial intelligence technology in visual effects and filmmaking. In collaboration with Ziva Dynamics* – a human simulation company that has worked with “Suicide Squad,” “Fantastic Beasts” and “Ghostbusters” – Intel will create a special effects experience that maps attendees faces in real-time, enhancing the fan experience through machine learning and allowing attendees to interact with a life-like avatar.

Virtual Reality: Intel has teamed up with filmmaker Eliza McNitt to unleash the creative potential of her virtual reality experience, “SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime,” providing the tools to create a digital experience where attendees will be able to immerse themselves in space.

Drones: See how custom animations are built for Shooting Star drone light shows, with hundreds of drones creating art in the sky


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