Human Ark Created Animated TVC for Empik

Empik is a TVC recently created by Human Ark Animation Studio. The TVC was Directors by Tomasz Leśniak and Wojtek Wawszczyk. Speaking with DirectorWojtek Wawszczyk, He Said “The animation was made in Maya. The characters were rendered in Houdini. We created a special stylized shader so the look of the 3d elements would match with the painted backgrounds. Everything besides the characters and a few props was hand-painted and projected in 3d space in Nuke to achieve more cinematic depth. All fx made in Houdini, the compositing in Nuke”

It was a few-month, very close and very fruitful collaboration with the Client (Empik bookstores) and the agency (Grey Poland). The directors are quite well-known in Poland. We had quite a great freedom in creating that movie and that always helps when trying to express an emotional message. I was one of the 2 directors. I’m also one of the leaders of the Human Ark studio. The other director – Tomasz Leśniak is also responsible for all the designs in the Empik TVC.

The music was composed quite early in the process of the production, around 2 months before the deadline. It’s written by a renown music composer, Mikolai Stroinski. He also wrote the soundtrack for the award-winning “Witcher 3” game.

You can find more info on the Human Ark website:


Behind the Scenes


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