Electric Theatre is Hiring

ETC are always on the look out for super talented, good people. If you are a super talented, good person drop us an email at jobs@electrictheatre.tv. Even if there isn’t a vacancy listed below that applies to you drop us an email anyway.


Reports to: Lead Rigger

We are on the hunt for an up and coming Junior Rigger. You will assist in the development of our rigging systems for animation on a variety of the world’s premier brands and products across a number of industry sectors. Successful candidates should command knowledge in rigging along with an interest in the technical and coding side for creating new rigging systems.



If you are a mid/senior level VFX commercial producer who loves Ceta get in touch! We are looking for someone dynamic, enthusiastic and organised to join our production team. Experience line producing complex 2D and 3D jobs, communicating and negotiating with clients and managing budgets is a must.



We are on the hunt for a really solid modeler/lookdev artist or generalist with a focus on these areas. You should have 3 – 5 years working in VFX, be a fast worker and have great attention to detail.


If you light using Houdini and are based in the States we’d love to hear from you. We need a reliable, fast working, mid level Houdini lighter to join our ever growing CG department.

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