Deadpool 2 Visual Effects

Deadpool 2 is Sequel to Deadpool (2016). Double Negative, Method Studios & Framestore  is worked on Visual Effects for Deadpool 2. Mike Brazelton lead as VFX Supervisor & Anton Agerbo as VFX Producer at DNEG. Dan Glass lead as Over all VFX Supervisor for the movie. It was around 1562 shots in the movie.

As the key VFX vendor on Deadpool 2, DNEG delivered shots that spanned challenging sequences from the opening to the finale of the movie. The scope of work encompassed every trick in the book; green screen comps, environment work, FX, animation and digidoubles, and massive full CG shots. Our mission was to take everything we know, and do it better.

This was a truly global show, managed from DNEG Vancouver and calling on the talents of our artists from around the world. The movie is a showcase of the broad range of visual effects and depth of talent available across DNEG’s global studios

Deadpool 2 VFX

Final Trailer

Deadpool Visual Effects



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