Clothes are Dancing Alone: Motion Design Technique

The amazing effect of the cooperation of the designer and rappers: Bartek Kalinowski, motion designer from the studio Televisor, invited the motion capture studio to the friendly rappers from Jetlagz . First, they danced in special suits, and later on the basis of their movements, a collection of virtual clothes was created and it was them that “appeared” in the music video. ”

Jetlagz | Roppongi Boys breakdown
Jetlagz “Roppongi Boys”

“It was supposed to be one of my everyday graphic experiments, which I publish on Instagram. This time, however, it turned into a specific project, in which others also got involved “- said Bartek Kalinowski.”

The “clothes” of the dance have been made thanks to the use of a professional tool for designing virtual outfits – Marvelous Designer. Thanks to it, you can recreate natural materials and prepare collections from them – just like in the case of a clip, eg from virtual silk or fur. Later, the clothes were rendered, using RT technology – Real-Time Rendering, thanks to which the creator working in the 3D environment directly sees the visual final effect

This is a major step forward for the creators of three-dimensional graphics. Maybe we are witnessing a kind of revolution that opens the door to young creators who do not have to have enormous IT knowledge and are no longer dependent on heavy hardware in the form of render farm – Bartek emphasizes.

The Jetlagz duo form Kosi and Łajzol from the JWP / BC warehouse. Their conceptual debut album “Warsaw SK8 Of Mind” on store shelves will hit December 1. There were as many as 15 premiere tracks on the album, where the guests performed, among others Siwers, Żabson and Leh. DJ Falcon1 also collaborated with the album.


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