Baaghi 2 VFX Breakdown

Baaghi 2 a sequel to one of the biggest hits of 2016, Baaghi released recently.  Prime Focus delivered 450 VFX shots for Baaghi 2 in just 25 days. Mahesh Baria lead Prime Focus team as VFX Supervisor to augment and enhance the high impact helicopter crash which was central to the climax sequence, adding elements that would not have been possible to shoot practically.

The climax scene features the burning, smoking helicopter, spiralling over the jungle, slamming into the ground, then crashing in front of camera, carving up the ground along the path before exploding. “The specific details of the helicopter crash sequence were left to us to design and we began by removing the large wire rigs and creating a CG model of the partial helicopter set-piece used during the shoot,” said Mahesh Baria. “The animators then designed rotor blades for the CG model adding practical motion blurs and shadows. The matchmove team than tracked and placed the model along the lengths and contours of the set piece for rigging.”






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